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Name:Homura Akemi
Conquest 1-B White dorms.

IC Contact

Name: Faust

Form: A shield, though bigger than it is normally-- any average sized person can fit behind it. It is heavy.

  • Defense boost
  • Durability boost
  • Heart Freeze: The opposing Player is unable to move for five seconds when this ability is activated; however, when activated this ability places a large amount of pain on the Weapon of the Player using it.
  • Red String: If the Weapon and Player have mutual strong feelings for one another all stats are boosted.
  • Sacrificial Doll: Half of the damage dealt to the Player goes to the Weapon instead.

Lost memories:
  • 1 - Madoka's voice.
  • 2 - How her abilities work-- the time limit on turning back time, how to wind her shield back, etc.
  • 3 - How to fire a handgun.
  • 4 - That she once wore glasses.
  • 5 - The taste of rice.
  • 6 - How it feels to pet a cat.
  • 7 - Madoka's initial wish in the first timeline.
  • 8 - How to tell when it's about to rain.
  • 9 - That Mami is dead in the present timeline.
  • 10 - What it feels like to transform into her magical girl outfit.
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